When Speaking to Any Organization, I ensure your attendees get MAXIMUM VALUE and ACTIONABLE takeaways.

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Keynote 1 - Changing "Check Box" Culture.

Many corporations and businesses believe that true inclusion is having "a checkbox list" to include everyone, and keep their rear-ends covered! 

I guide audiences, staff groups and leadership - to develop a truly inclusive blueprint, to ensure that the right people are working for you, and that you are meeting diversity, equity and inclusion targets


Keynote 2 - Cutting The Apron Strings - For Parents of Neurodivergent Young Adults.


When neurodivergent (autistic or ADHD) kids are in a household, parents will worry about them more. That is a fact! I was the same as a parent.

How my adult son prospered, was by empowering him to be independent, let me show you how.