Developing a Map To Greatness - At Home, At Work, and in the wider world!

Nobody has it all figured out.

Gaining clarity is NOT easy! Parents and employers often spend tons of time wondering how they can guide neurodivergent young adults to independence. Guiding neurodivergent young adults requires one thing - The Map To Greatness. Talk to me and I will show you how a tailored and collaborative plan can work for you and your situation.

At Home

When ND people have a plan, and the confidence to carry out that plan - independence comes. The Map is completed in partnership with parents and caregivers so the ND individual can be supported and championed right through the journey!

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In The Workplace

Often, ND people are misunderstood in the workplace setting. Sometimes ND people, and their supervisors, can struggle to mutually communicate. You can create a map, which can act as a policy to play to the strengths of your ND staff.

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